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After School Club

New this August (2021) we are excited to launch an After School Club in the tried and tested format of our Holiday camps i.e. free play in the woods. OCASC will run on Wednesdays between 4 and 6pm in eight week blocks, three times over the course of the year. It will be open to girls and boys aged between 5 and 11 and we are fortunate in having been given consent by Nature Scot to run in Cleghorn Glen SSSI.

Due to the environmental impact that any such ventures are bound to have we are limited to 10 spaces. With this in mind it is also key to our ethos that we leave as little trace as possible. Some impact is inevitable and we will be monitor this closely, but our principle aim is to develop a love and care for this corner of South Lanarkshire.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list to be informed as to future events, please use our contact page. 


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