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Holiday Camps

Our holiday camps run every spring and summer and we welcome girls and boys aged between 5 and 11 for days of play out in the woods.

We run for 5 days during the Easter holidays and a further 10 days during the summer, 9am to 4pm daily.

Our site has plenty of space for them to exercise their imaginations. There are trees to climb and hide behind. Streams to dam and splash in. Holes to hide in, grass to slide in. Bugs to find. Mud to daub and has a fire square, humanure toilet, changing area and handwashing station.

We aren't in the habit of organising activities as the whole premise is based around free play, whatever that may look like. We do provide a range of resources or prompts that the children can use in whichever way they deem appropriate. These usually include ropes, tarps, twine, pots, pans and tyres. These are all deliberately open-ended in their use and we have been blown away by the variety of ways in which they have been employed!

Dates for each camp are published a couple of months in advance of the start and we have a Facebook page on which we update our information, post pictures and anything else that catches our eye during the down season.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please get in touch via the contact page.

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