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Who are we?

Alex grew up at Cleghorn and knows it like the back of his hand.

A primary school teacher with a 'thing' for outdoor learning, he is at his happiest outside, with his pupils or with his family, whatever the weather. Trained in Fire and Tool Skills and Loose Parts play - as well as Emergency Outdoor First Aid - he has seen how much his son, Patrick, has learned from his outdoor adventures: the confidence he has in his own ability, his natural curiosity and his intrigue in the world around him.

Alex believes that, from an educational point of view, children learn best by doing things themselves and particularly when that 'doing' is lead by them.

A big child at heart, Alex basically just wants to spend as much of his time getting muddy outside ... he just needed to find a way of justifying it to Lauren, his wife!

As wife and business partner, Lauren works behind the scenes making sure that the numbers make sense and bringing her experience as a secondary teacher and teacher of children with additional needs into the mix. She brings some order to things and looks after the children while Alex looks after someone else's.


Patrick and Trudy are the inspiration behind Outdoor Cleghorn. Patrick is a typical boy, forever picking up slugs, scrabbling in streams and clambering over and through things. Trudy is two years younger than her brother, but there's nothing to say that she won't be the same: Down Syndrome might limit her academically, but the woods and trees will let her be her. The idea for Outdoor Cleghorn came from recognising this and wanting to offer the opportunities that Trudy and Patrick will have to other children.

The Important Stuff

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