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What to expect

Our child-led ethos means that almost anything could happen during one of our sessions. In five years of running I don't think we've ever had two days that have been the same.

This means that the children will decide exactly what happens from one moment to the next. Our role is to follow their lead and provide emergency inspiration if absolutely necessary!

Children will have to think about the risks of each activity they choose to do. Certain activities have higher levels of risk than others but they will all be overseen by experienced professionals who will support them in their adventuring and expect them, in return, to be responsible in their play.

Our only rules are very simple:

1 - Make sure you can see one of the adults at all* times ... and they can see you!

2 - We don't put anything around people's necks.

3 - We respect the woods, the bugs, the slugs and creepy crawlies and, of course, each other.

4 - Consent - if, in the middle of a game, someone decides they no longer want to play, we respect their decision and stop.

* Exceptions: You're going to the toilet; they're going to the toilet; we're playing hide and seek!

Campfire in the wild.
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