What to expect

The child-led nature of an Outdoor Cleghorn camp means that almost anything could happen.


This means that the children will decide exactly what happens from one moment to the next. Our role is to follow their lead and to give guidance if they need it, and emergency inspiration! 


The woodland site has a clearing with a fire-pit, hand washing station and a secluded composting toilet, but the rest is up to them. As well as the things we might find during our adventures - clay and stones, twigs, leaves and sticks - we can also provide all manner of "stuff", like tyres, ropes, planks, poles, tarps and buckets. There will also be knives, saws, axes and fire lighting materials which the children can be trained to use, if their play demands it.

They will have to think about the risks of each activity they decide to do. Certain activities have higher levels of risk than others but they will all be overseen by experienced professionals who will support them in their adventuring and expect them, in return, to be responsible in their play.

Campfire in the wild.